About Our  Cattle

Most of our cattle are a cross between black or brown Angus and Red Poll, with some purebred Red Poll. We've chosen these breeds not only for the quality of the beef, but also for their temperament and ease of breeding.

The Red Poll Breed


The Red Poll is an English breed that was developed in the 1800s. The cattle are medium-sized with an average weight of 1200 pounds (cows) to 1800 pounds (bulls). They are solid red-brown in color, and they're particularly known for their easy-going disposition. Not only are Red Poll cattle easy to handle, but they are also easy to breed. Cows tend to be very fertile, and the calves are vigorous with superior growth rates. Red Poll Cattle have been declining in popularity as large-scale agribusinesses prefer larger breeds, but grass fed beef farms like Wisdom of Grazing Farm are working to preserve the breed.


At Wisdom of Grazing, we maintain a mixed herd of Angus and Red Poll cattle. As our sire is purebred Red Poll, some of our calves (out of Red Poll cows) are purebred Red Poll, while others (out of Angus cows) are Angus/Red Poll crosses. 

Jem: Our Sire

The red bull pictured to the right is Jem, the sire of the herd.  Jem has his own private abode (on pasture, of course) for part of the year and is re-integrated with the herd when it is time for breeding. 


Jem is a purebred Red Poll with Australian bloodlines specifically suited for grass fed beef production. His first crop of calves with Wisdom of Grazing Farm have proven to be healthy and hardy.