Prices (2018-2019 Season)

  • Whole or 1/2: $4.50 per pound (hanging weight)

  • 1/4: $4.75 per pound (hanging weight)

  • Individual cuts: call for availability and pricing

* Prices subject to change.

How much beef will you receive?

Hanging weight refers to the weight of the side of beef after slaugher and after "waste" is removed. Prior to the final processing, the beef is left to hang and age for up to two weeks. The "take home" weight you receive will typically be about 60% of the hanging weight. So, for example, if you purchase 1/4 cow with a hanging weight of 150 pounds, you can expect to reveive approximately 90 pounds of beef.


How do you order?

Please call or text us at (716)523-3761 or email us at We are currently taking orders for summer 2018. 

Why does grass fed/grass finished beef cost more?

The primary reason why grass fed beef costs more than conventional beef from the grocery store is that it takes longer to produce. Grass fed cattle are allowed to mature for an extra year before slaughter, so feed and maintenance costs are higher for the farmer. Grass fed cattle also tend to be smaller at the time of slaughter, so the yield per head is lower. 


In the long run, switching to grass fed and grass finished beef may cost you a lot less than you'd assume. If you use an average of 2 pounds of beef per week, it will cost you about $300 per year to switch from conventional beef to local, grass fed beef. That's a small price to pay for better health and more humane farming practices.