My Story


I'm Peggy Zaepfel from Hartland NY, one hour north-east of Buffalo.  I live in a 100+ year old country home on five acres, complete with my husband, two chihuahuas, chickens (for eggs and meat) and numerous vegetable/flower gardens.  When I married my husband Floyd, I became a mom to his three children and later a grandmother before I even had my own three girls! 


I was a stay-at-home mom for 25 years. When our last was gone, I returned to work as a Public Health Sanitarian for our county.  Most of my duties revolved around being a Food Safety Inspection Officer and Lead Risk Assessor.  Working in an environment where I was in the kitchens of restaurants and schools, I became extremely concerned and questioned the nutrient value of the foods I saw being prepared and served to the public and our children. At work, I observed the diets and deteriorating health of some of my co-workers.  I met people every day who were suffering from all sorts of digestive, auto immune and adrenal disorders.  I myself was treated for adrenal fatigue and diverticulitis and was lucky to find a holistic doctor who was willing to work with me to explore natural healing options.



Concern for my family's health issues and my own quest for optimal health led me to the Weston A. Price Foundation.  I began reading book after book on traditional nutrition and healing with foods. I was hooked, and later became a chapter leader for Niagara County. 


While at a Weston A. Price Foundation conference in the spring of 2012, I met two Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) students.  Their enthusiasm was contagious, and I became more confident than ever that I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to helping others nourish their bodies so they could experience long and healthy lives. I soon enrolled in the NTP program through the Nutritional Therapy Association myself, completing my studies in the spring of 2014.


While encouraging my clients to find grass fed/grass finished meat for its nutritional benefits, I discovered that there was a scarcity of these products in the Western New York area. This which led me to my newest endeavor: raising grass fed/grass finished beef  through Wisdom of Grazing Farm.  


Through my practice, Wisdom of Nutrition, I guide my clients in nourishing their bodies. If you are seeking optimal health, I look forward to helping you discover the amazing healing powers of natural, traditional foods.