Wisdom of Grazing Farm


Wisdom of Grazing is a locally owned farm in Gasport, New York specializing in grass fed/grass finished beef. Out cattle graze on 80 acres of naturally maintained fields. They are fed a 100% grass, grain-free diet throughout their lifetime, resulting in beef that offers an array of health benefits not offered by conventional or grain finished beef.  Rotational grazing practices allow us to avoid the use of antibiotics and other medications often used in conventional beef farming. Currently, we offer beef by the whole, half or quarter. Individual cuts are also available.

How are our cattle raised?

Our cattle live outdoors in a herd. Mothers, calves, steers, and our sire, Jem, are all kept together. We utilize a practice called rotational grazing. This means that we rotate the cattle to a new plot of land each day. Sheep and goats follow, grazing the same land and eating what the cows have left behind. The land is then left to rest until the grass re-establishes itself. Rotating the livestock in this manner helps naturally control parasites and fertilize the soil so that we can avoid using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 


Our cattle have access to natural shade when it is hot, and they also have free access to water. In the winter months, they are fed locally produced grass hay. We visit and care for the herd daily. Unlike some producers who give their cattle grain in the final months before slaughter, our cattle are never fed any grain. They live their entire lives on grass and grass hay alone.