Nutritional Therapy Services

20-Minute Pre-Consultation___________free

This 20-minute "visit" takes place over the phone and is a chance for us to get to know one another before delving into what can be very private health issues. We'll discuss what's ailing you and your health goals, and determine if nutritional therapy is the right choice for you.

This visit includes an initial interview, evaluation of the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire that links symptom with specific health issues, food journal review,  and a personal dietary plan based on your individual needs.

New Client Consultation________________ $120

Follow-Up Visits___________________________$60/hr

Your schedule for follow-up visits will vary based on your personal needs. During these visits, we'll discuss additional strategies to help you achieve and maintain your health goals.

Pantry Cleanout & Grocery Store Visit___________ $75/hr

Are the foods in your pantry providing the nutrients your body needs to maintain health? Many so called food stuffs are actually nothing more than empty calories with added sugars, fillers and additives. These food stuffs negatively contribute to many of the common diseases of today, such as heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune and gastrointestinal issues. I can visit your home, and we'll go through them together. We'll discuss which foods are good choices, and which you should avoid. Then, we'll take a trip to your local grocery store, where I'll teach you how to read food labels and make the most nutritionally-savvy purchases.

Extended Phone Consultation________________$60/hr

If you're an existing client and would like to discuss your progress but do not feel the need to schedule a full follow-up visit, a brief phone consultation can provide answers to your questions.

Total Wellness Package Deal___________________$250 

This package includes a new client consultation, 2 follow-up visits, a pantry clean-out, and grocery store visit. 

To schedule your Nutritional Therapy appointment with Peggy, call (716) 523-3761 or email